Tuesday, March 2, 2010


For in who's hand my life resides,
bloodless, benumbed, my soul pleads,
if there's a Being in heavens or above,
I crave to taste the existence within me.

Gallant you are,
cowardly I feel,
the agony not beyond the heart and soul,
I lust to allot with Thee.

For once there is nay gone I glare,
the present, the future are hollow to me,
shivers of daylight when fall on that dermis,
apperceive that you... are penetrating within.

I am enervated, I am exhausted,
I aviate away brisk,
I demand your omnipresence,
after myself to be me.

blasphemic, realistic, agonistic, dogmatist,
I yearn saying goodbye to this vanity dominating me,
lend your hand, oh Lord, to me.
I crave to taste your existence within me.

0845 hrs.

© Aeesha S.