Saturday, April 16, 2016

Soaring through Malaysia: Part I

Only four months into 2016, and my wanderlust has consumed me already and taken me to a good many places. The preceding January, after getting done with half my post graduation course, I boarded a flight to Malaysia—the country where my sister moved to after her wedding—for a long, long trip. Well, at the outset, I had planned on just a month, but I took a visa extension, and I stayed there two months barely shy of a week.

This was my first overseas tour where I was not accompanied by anyone. Oh, I can't begin to describe the kind of jitters it gave me to think I would have no one by my side. The thoughts of forgetting my passport back home, losing the tickets on port, misplacing my baggage—basically making any and every kind of blunder kept plunging my brains until I was sitting on my seat in the plane. I am going to have to break it to you that 'the crowd' on such flights corroborates that if you are a solo girl traveling, you will be looked at as if you don't belong there. Luckily, no one sat in my row. But the guy at the back, figured I was someone who belonged to the opposite gender so he banged on my seat a couple of times, called his janu (sweetheart), exchanged a few over-the-top romantic statements, then called his best bud, threw a couple of Punjabi slangs here and there, and resorted back to thwacking the back of my seat. I, in all my lady-like grace, wanted to avoid a scene so I took out my table, and sat with my head down. In a few minutes, a very stale, stingy smell was pushed in my nostrils, and I looked up to have this another awkward man, in the row ahead of mine, looking at me, grinning big exhibiting all his yellow teeth, terrorizing all the passengers with his greasy, oiled up hair. By this time, I had lost my temper but I went back to putting my head back on the table. We were in the air.

But you won't believe that after a few moments, someone actually patted on my head. God, could I believe this was happening? I shut my eyes tightly before I knew I would burst into rage, I raised my head all ready to fight when it dawned on me that it was this man in the uniform: all his hair were white, and he had this comforting but reserved smile on his face, standing next to the air hostess. Of course, I did not know what to say because who would have thought it was not 'the crowd' lurking after me, right? So, we exchanged a light conversation and they asked me if I was alone and getting bored and I nodded in affirmation, so they offered me to join them in the flight deck. Woah. I was flabbergasted. I grasped my handbag, gave a nasty look to 'the duo from the crowd' and dashed to the flight deck, trying very hard to keep my excitement down.

I guess we were crossing over Thailand

The view from the flight deck windows was incredible. Nothing like what you see from other zones. The captain was so kind, and the co-pilot explained all the buttons and gears to me of which I did not understand a single thing! Oh boy.

And that's Phuket right there!

For my meals and the landing, I was shifted to this area where other officials sat. It was so much fun talking and interacting with them. We were almost done preparing a case the airline was then stuck with. All laughs. And light-hearted pleasure.

Within the first few days of my stay at my sister's place, we went to see a circus. Primarily because of my darling nephew, and two, I have never been to a circus before. It was not bad at all. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Majorly because my brother-in-law was chosen from amongst the people and called to the stage and that increased our involvement in the entire scene manifolds.

Photo from and by the Great British Circus

I hung out around the Setia City Mall on days I had no plans, with my sister and brother-in-law, and nephew. It's quite a mall, if you ask me. That's where I did most my shopping from. I think I will do a separate post on the things I bought. Just so you know where to tag along in case you are in Malaysia. Yay?

Outside the Mall
I also accompanied my forever partner-in-crime, Shery, to dropping and picking up my nephew from this gigantic school he studies in.

He loves going to school. It's so weird

Oh, and guys. Malaysia's weather is mostly overcast, which means if you are an outdoorsy person, you are going to love it. Just remember to wear light and put up lots of sunblock because I came back with skin shade two tones darker. Pfft.

I know much of Malaysia's tourist attractions are it's Masjids. So I went to see this beautiful house of Lord. It does have a name actually. It's called the Putra Mosque and as the name suggests, it is based in Putrajaya, located close by Putra Square. This was on an almost hour long drive from the township I was staying in. By the way, I regret not taking my camera along. Malaysia is a gorgeous country and my iPhone's camera didn't do much justice to it's scenic glory!

Masjid Putra, forgive me, the sun was hiding away that day!

Back at home, I was room partner with my nephew. He is such a funny guy, I tell you! Kept me all giggles. At such a young age, he has an impeccable sense of humor. Once he gets over his shy few minutes, he is going to make you roll on the floor due to uncontrollable fits of laughter.

That's him. Ryan. Thanks iPhone! Hmmph

I have this uncanny love for trying out new dishes. So, I checked mussels off the list in this tour.

I took a few tours to Kuala Lumpur during my stay as well. It's pretty but I fell in love with Setia Alam more than Kuala Lumpur. Because Setia Alam is an urban city placed amid magnificent mountains and epic greenery. Kuala Lumpur on the other hand seemed to me like just another glittery, high-tech, fast paced city. Good for employment or studies but I do not think it's ideal if you're planning to move to Malaysia permanently. Here's a bad photo of myself as a proof that I was there! Ha.

Guys, this is from the day I got my hair cut. I got a long bob. And the same day I got my ears pierced. Lots of achievements in one day. No jokes, okay? I have run away from the piercing shops so many times, it was a big, big thing I did that day.

There's a very nice bowling alley within the Setia City Mall. I went there a couple of times. I did not win a single time. Broke my nail. But came back with ton loads of happy memories.

Please remember to take your socks along. LOL

I tried scallops from The Manhattan Fish Market, and they were not good at all. I can't particularly remember which branch it was. Somewhere in Subang Jaya? But we unanimously gave it a 1 out of 5.

Don't waste your money, guys

Later that day we went to Toys "R" Us in Sunway Pyramid (which is a huge Egypt-themed mall) and I made some serious investments into getting these whip-smart games for my nephew. Another achievement from my M-trip is that I learned to play about a dozen variations of Dominoes, and this African game called Mancala, and a mathematical game called Playmind. Hell yeah.

The rest of us, the so-called grown ups with my nephew, we also made proud investment into these:

BECAUSE WE WERE PREPARING FOR LANGKAWIIIIIIIII. That's supposed to be my next post. Wait for it!

I think I am tired working on this one post. It's also getting disturbingly long and boring for you guys? Oh, don't lie. I would just name it Part I until I hop onto the second one. It'll be fun, I promise you. Just stick along until I write again. A.


  1. Fantastic. Going to bug you for the details on itinerary. Loved the post. Good work, Aisha!


  2. I envy you aeesha. May you get chances to travel more

    1. Oh, thanks so much. I hope you do too, J! =D

  3. Liked it..share more :)

  4. Havent read it whole but it looks great.

    1. That compliment is one of a kind. Haha. Thanks, anyway!

  5. You ma'am are one lucky person to have sat in the cockpit, very beautifully written, the way you have described it. Stay safe and keep on writing.

  6. The art of making everything out of nothing- and nothing out of so-many-things- especially loved the part where you discussed the probable blunders, and back-seater's nautankiz. I don't know how, but youu surprise me every time I read a post of yours. and Yes, comments are to be given here, not for in-person delivery; they should be public.

    1. Thank you, Dilawer. You are always full of appreciation for my writings. Means so much! =)


  7. While i was going through it i was feeling like reading an Electronic version of Safarnama by Mustansir Husain Tarar
    He write formally and it was a mixed one...No doubt she is blessed with so much of talent. Wishing her all the best for the next trip.Stay always blessed.

    1. Oh my God. THAT IS A HUGE COMPLIMENT. My mother also said the same thing, by the way.
      Thanks a bunch. This encourages me to keep writing. (=

  8. Awesome. One trip gone. Many more to come inshAllah

  9. Very nicely written. Your blog is going to be full of travel posts in future iA. ;)

    1. I know riiiiight. ;) in sha Allah!

  10. Love love laaaaaarve it. I already love Malaysia so much and you just ... I want to go there :'D

  11. You mentioned me in here :p
    I miss you so much! Each and everything over here reminds me of you, mostly Setia Mall amd Raj :p
    So waiting for next part!

  12. Boht khoob (Y) Phle he boht tarefain ho gae hain. Keep travelling :)

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