Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Soaring through Malaysia: Part II: Langkawi Islands

Hi, guys. I am back at it again. If you haven’t already read my first post, well please do. I am going to take you through Langkawi in this one. It’s a beautiful archipelago of a hundred and four islands in the gorgeous Andaman Sea. It had been a while traveling back forth in the cities of Malaysia and we were stocked with all the fun we were having but then we thought… why not take it one notch up and travel all the way to some far off place. Our first option was Singapore and our second option was Langkawi. We chose the latter because we wanted to experience the solace of natural, scenic beauty, and not the hustle bustle of just another city. And so we did. Our next dilemma came in when we had to decide if we should take the car halfway, then board a ferry and travel through the waters. But then we wanted to cut short on our travel time so we instead booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur.

Since I am writing from my memory, and it has been a while, I think the flight wasn't even an hour long. I was so excited to be there that the time literally flew by. Also, because I had my jaan, my bhanja to entertain me through the journey.

We stayed at a local resort, the closest to Cenang beach, because it is one of the most beautiful. The first look inside the resort blew. my. mind. away!

I mean imagine having this at your disposal 24/7

The room wasn't bad either.

Yeah, I am a part-time Batman.

Partly because of this huge balcony. I spent most time of my night here, as the waters changed their color from blue to black. It was an entirely different, unique kind of serenity.

And guys, this was the view from the room:

Because the resort has purchased this bit of sea and added it to their premises, so this was exclusive to us. 

Oh, and the dawns... those beautiful crimson dawns.

ALSO. We had some of the finest food in Langkawi. 

Anyway. The best part of staying there was OF COURSE, driving to the beach and getting rid of our shoes, and conquering our territories. Hah. 

Protip: This beach is empty around 9-11 in the morning, so if you want some private time and may be enjoy those water sports when its not crowded, this is your slot, we were there all through the day though because it was pointless to handle ourselves, ha.

Hey, a bit of me too!


Fav pastime with my nephew!

I also drove a jet ski for the first time in my life. At 55.6 knots. Tell me if you have gotten any higher?
Back at the resort, I felt this ground floor deck was my spot. So breezy and cool and peaceful. I can't begin to describe. It felt like my mind was being cleansed of all the unwary thoughts, my soul was unwiring, and I felt I was inhaling a strange kind of happiness all through the time I was there.

Oh langkawi, how I miss you!

Andaman Sea... <3
You want to be here. Trust me.

I'll wrap up my Malaysia trip in my third and last post. I feel so nostalgic just pinning the photos up here. Can't wait to be there again. God.

Until then.



  1. Guy, you already have to have signed in as your google out so it should display your name where it says "comment as". 😭

    It wasn't like this before! 😭

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  3. your batman trouser >>>>> your trip to Langkawi.
    since you are fond of beaches I advise you to visit Greece, Australia and Philippines cause thr beaches are amazing

    1. Thank you, Ejaz Bhatti. =P

      The remaining trips are dependent on so many other factors. =P

  4. one word: Beautiful & and One sentence: You motivated me to visit Langkawi as soon as i get some time

  5. Wow it's beautiful ...that picture where you are sitting in front of Andaman sea-serene <3 & your batman trousers are love Aeesha:)

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  7. Well,firstly i like your decision about visiting Langkawi Islands rather than concrete of Singapore. On the other hand, i think you made a mistake by opting flight for the island over ferry. Honestly, if you had traveled through water, we must have more words about nature through water.
    Above all, i really liked the beach, balcony and crimson lights. Additionally, you caught these view in your camera in a very professional way. I suggest you develop a proper gallery. However, you wrote very few lines on food. As you know many of us have more concern of food than beaches.
    Waiting for the third post.

    1. This reminds me of the cupcakes. Haha. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I think I couldn't wait to get to Langkawi so I was a little biased with my decision to take the flight. =P

  8. I miss that time so badly. We need to plan another trip soon. ❤️

    1. I have one word for you.

      TURKEY! >_<